Dr. Ivy Hill Celender—Bequest

Ivy Hill CelenderIvy has been a fan of the Minnesota Zoo since its very early conception. She enjoys seeing the animals along the Northern Trail and all the updates and additions that have been made over the years. And as an animal lover since childhood, she also appreciates the animal enrichment program focused on providing specific activities and opportunities for natural behaviors, regardless of the species.

Ivy joined our Circle of Life Society by providing for the Zoo in her estate plans. She wants to see the Zoo continue to show animals in wide open, natural spaces and allow these animal ambassadors to display as many natural behaviors as their wild cousins. When asked why, Ivy replied, “Because zoos preserve the beauty, majesty and mystery of our Earth’s many species of creatures.”

By naming the Zoo as a beneficiary in her will, Ivy will help future generations learn about animals, their natural behaviors, and their places in the wild. Thank you Ivy!