Save Heartache With This 1 Step

Think about how many places you have money saved. They may include:

  • Checking accounts
  • Insurance policies
  • Retirement plans
  • Now ask yourself: When I set up these accounts, did I remember to add a beneficiary? If so, did I tell that person?

    Naming a loved one as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan assets is a heartfelt way to protect them in the future. You can also name a favorite nonprofit as a beneficiary.

    Unfortunately, many people and nonprofits aren’t aware that they have been named to receive a gift. Informing them helps preserve your intentions and avoid hassle and confusion.

    Protect the people and causes you love by following this simple step: Alert your beneficiaries that you have a life insurance policy or have named them as a beneficiary of a retirement plan. Share the location and details of the policy or plan with them.

    As you update your beneficiary designations, consider making a gift of a life insurance policy or retirement plan to the Minnesota Zoo so that we can continue our important work. We would be honored if you would notify us of your decision so that we can carry out your wishes and thank you.

    We Want to Hear From You

    If you have already named the Minnesota Zoo as beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan assets, please contact Amalie Frankel at or 651.539.6518 today. If you are still creating your estate plan, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about making this type of gift.