Enriching the Lives of Animals at the Minnesota Zoo

animal observing papier-mâché animal

An Amur leopard assesses a papier-mâché rival.

Caring for the animals at the Minnesota Zoo is a big job. Our zookeepers are experts and do excellent work in making sure each animal receives the proper diet, exercise, health care and environment that is optimal for their species. The zookeepers are always discovering new and better ways to provide for the animals.

One unique aspect of animal care is what we call “enrichment.” Enrichment is a term used to describe the many types of activities that challenge an animal’s intellect and engages them physically. These experiences are designed to elicit the innate and natural behaviors that each species would demonstrate in the wild. An example of this would be providing our carnivores with papier-mâché prey to hunt. There is some trial and error in this process; the staff evaluate each enrichment activity and only repeat those that are most successful.

Ivy Celender knows the value of these special animal experiences. She is a longtime fan of the Zoo and she’s observed the benefits firsthand. That is why she has made annual gifts to the Minnesota Zoo Foundation, specifically to provide enrichment experiences for our animal friends. In addition to her annual gift, Ivy has made a provision in her will for the Minnesota Zoo Foundation Including the Foundation in an existing will is a simple process and can be added with an addendum or “codicil” to the will.

penguin with bubbles

Soap bubbles intrigue this little penguin.

If you have considered including the Minnesota Zoo Foundation in your will or trust but just haven’t gotten around to it, there is no better time than now. What a wonderful way to give back to your Zoo and help care for nearly 5,000 animals from around the world. If you have questions about how to make a planned gift, please contact us at Amalie.Frankel@mnzoo.org or 651.539.6518.