Bobbie Hedge—CGA

Bobbie HedgeIf you visit the Zoo on a Tuesday, you may have the pleasure of meeting Bobbie Hedge, a 13-year volunteer who discovered the Zoo when she moved from Santa Barbara to Minnesota. She gushes, “The animals are so wonderful! The Minnesota Zoo has enriched my life greatly through all I’ve learned in our training sessions and daily experiences. And I’m impressed with the Zoo’s equal commitment to education, conservation, and making this Zoo a fun place to be.”

Bobbie has faithfully supported the Zoo Fund for many years, joined as a founding member of our Director’s Circle, and she also took her giving to the next level with a Charitable Gift Annuity now offered by the Minnesota Zoo Foundation. “I have known of these arrangements for some time, and am delighted that the Foundation now offers them,” says Bobbie. Through this tax-wise gift arrangement, Bobbie will enjoy a fixed income for life while providing support for the Zoo after her lifetime.